Hello My name is Joshua Ellingson Owner. Following in my fathers footsteps for more than 25 years now, I have been involved in all phases of residential, commercial and industrial construction. That fruitful journey has brought us to where we are today a confident, educated and successful general contracting company ready to take on your project and make it a success! Our team will dedicate themselves to every detail of your project so that together we achieve the best quality result and so that your project is delivered to you on time and on budget.

Since the late 90's I have worked on and or managed many special projects:

Wasabi Bistro Seattle
Redfin Japanese Lounge Seattle
Mario's / Hugo Boss Seattle 2001
Many NW Nordstrom retail store and corporate office locations.
Ballard first Lutheran Church Improvement 2003
Several high profile Residential Remodels Medina
Virginia Mason clinic Seattle
Queen city yacht club Seattle
Many other residential projects